Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back in the grind

This past week I started my new job in the ER at Overlake. The first week was LONG. Hospital orientations are always pretty long and usually feel like torture. I'm not very good with sitting still listening to speakers and reviewing power points for 8 hours a day. Phew, glad that week is over. 

Monday was my first day orienting in the ER. It was business as usual and then some. One of my worries coming from a Level 1 trauma center was that there wouldn't be enough going on, but I was pleasantly surprised. Apparently it was an abnormally crazy/busy day. I guess I brought the crazy/busy with me! It turned out to be less of an orienting day and more of a jump in and start treading water kinda day. I didn't drown, but left my shift feeling so sore and worn out. It was a long 12 hour shift. It was a 'nice' welcome back after having 3 months off. 

I have a couple more shifts orienting and then I'm on my own. Should be interesting. 

Next month, I start orientation at UW in the ER there. Juggling two jobs will be interesting, but I'm grateful for the opportunities at both places. 

It's been a little crazy balancing starting a new job, working a 40 hr week, Brandon working a 80+ hr week and chasing after the little one. Trying to not lose my mind in the business... today was a nice day to decompress and have a rare family day. We fully took advantage and went to the zoo and a Mariners baseball game. Tired is an understatement, but just enjoying time together as much as we can.

Another 30 hour call shift for Brandon tonight. Definitely ready for this rotation to be OVER! 

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