Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Residency Life: Nights

Well, I'm happy to report that we survived Brandon's first week of nights last week. It definitely felt like two weeks. The days were long and the nights, longer. It was quite challenging trying to keep quiet during the day so we wouldn't wake up Brandon while he was trying to sleep to prepare for his next night of work. I had to reach hard in my creativity bucket to come up with some "quiet games," most of which backfired majorly (oops). One of the games I thought was genius was doing the "shh" game. Kellan has recently learned the "shhh sign" (thanks to the Wheels on the Bus book). So I was like, PERFECT!!! He is going to do "shh" and pretend to be quiet when he hears me say or motion "shh". Nope, it turned into the "scream game." Every time I motioned "shh," he would in sign and say "shh" and then let out a high pitched squeal. Needless to say, my efforts in trying to get Kellan to play quietly didn't really work out. Fortunately for us, Brandon managed to get some sleep each day.

It has been quite the odd role reversal. For the past four years, I have been the one working nights. Brandon put up with my crazy nightshift schedule for four years, so I guess the least I can do is put up with his crazy schedule :)

Yesterday, Brandon finished his first rotation of intern year. Hard to believe it's already been a month. Today he started on the Medicine ward. With this rotation comes the much talked about and much dreaded 30 hour call shifts. Yes, 30 hours. This terrifies me a little. How can anyone function for 30 hours? He will be doing a 30 hour call shift every 5th day. Should be interesting, oh boy. I just said goodnight and see you Friday afternoon. It's Wednesday night. That was weird. Here's to no pages overnight and a few hours of sleep along the way, right? haha...wishful thinking!

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