Sunday, July 12, 2015

Residency life: 2 weeks in

Well, we made it to the two week mark. We survived the first two weeks of intern year. It's been everything it has been cracked up to be -- long hours (14 hours give or take), early mornings, late dinners and lots of interesting stories. Averaging 70-80 hour work weeks for Brandon has definitely been a new adjustment. Kellan and I have been trying to stay busy. It's helped having Mimi (my mom) in town to pass the time away. I'm learning lots about flexibility, patience, having no expectations, and how to be a better helpmeet for my hubby. This is not only an adjustment for us, but for him. It's not easy working long hours, carrying a huge patient load (with lots of critically ill patients), having tough patients, having hard conversations about end of life wishes with patient's loved ones, functioning on little sleep, and saving up enough energy to come home and play wrestle with a 16 month old active little guy who has missed his daddy all day. Not to mention, repeat the next day and the next... You have my utmost respect, babe! It's not easy, but you do it so gracefully. 

Tonight starts the first of a 5 night stretch. It's gonna be a long week, but I know we will all make it through. Little by little. Baby steps. 

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  1. You guys are amazing! Props to you and K for being flexible while Brandon is so booked up, and to Brandon for taking on that workload. Hang in there! We in Portland salute you. :)