Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So we bought a house...

Yep, you read right. We bought a house!! Crazy town. It's been quite the whirlwind. Since matching to UW on March 20th, we've made the I5 drive from Portland to Seattle and back three times, decided we were gonna look to buy a place, found a house, put an offer in, got our offer accepted, and gotten the house inspected. Oh and did I mention I also worked a night shift one of those nights in between trips. Sometimes I have to take a moment to breathe. Everything is happening so fast. 

The Seattle housing market is insane. People are waiving inspection contingencies and finding themselves in biding wars over houses. Who knew? Fortunately for us, we were able to find a perfect place in West Seattle and win the bid. God definitely orchestrated all the pieces to fit perfectly and everything so timely. We have incredibly generous and supportive family to even allow us to be able to talk about buying a home. So much to be grateful for. 

I never thought I'd even be thinking about buying let alone actually being under contract in purchasing a house at this point in life. With Brandon starting residency in June and life being so busy and unpredictable, I didn't think it'd be the time to settle down in a house of our own but I'm not complaining. It feels like the right timing and we are excited to become homeowners. It's quite the daunting task though...so much to know about being a homeowner. There's so much that goes into this whole house buying process. A little overwhelming. So glad his is right up Brandon's alley. He's so good at this stuff and crunching numbers and figuring out all these little details. I don't feel very helpful in that department. I contribute with design and decorating the house...that's more my cup of tea! 

Here's a little sneak peak of our soon to be home. It's a remodeled 1950s bungalow. How charming is it!? 

(Lincoln Park in West Seattle) 

West Seattle, we're comin for ya...


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