Monday, February 9, 2015

Flying by


Already? Time is zooming.

This month we will celebrate our little one's first birthday. Hard to believe. Where has this year gone?

Brandon submits his final residency rank list at the end of the month too. Trying to finalize the residency programs in the correct rank order. This is such a weird process, but I guess it usually works out for everyone. Most everyone...

UW, Duke, Brigham, Stanford and Vandy are the top 5. Can't wait to find out where we match next month. March can't come soon enough.

The end (of med school) is in sight. Yes, residency is next and it's going to be no joke difficult. It's sad to think we'll be wrapping up this 4 year journey in just a few months. We will say goodbye to some dear friends and co-workers we've met and shared life with the past 4 years. It's exciting to be entering a new chapter and the "unknown" so to speak.

Right now, I'm just trying to savor every moment we have together as a family when life isn't "as busy"...

kellan beckett -- 11 months

enjoying a walk along the willamette

kellan sure loves his daddy

swinging at the park  -- a first

love my little family