Wednesday, January 30, 2013

snowshoe fun

last weekend, brandon's parents, brother, and cousin came down to celebrate his birthday a few days early. we decided to go up the mountain (mt hood) and go snowshoeing. after being stuck in the house for a week because of my eye (got an eye ulcer about 2 weeks ago), i couldn't wait to get out and get some fresh mountain air!

we ended up at trillium lake on the sw side of mt hood. the weather was great. it was about 25 degrees and snowing. it was 2 miles to the lake itself (which ended up being covered in feet of ice and snow). we took a little break once we got to the lake itself...had some snacks that we packed with us. there were some crazy birds that were very bold and kept attacking us for the food in our hands. we had a great time with family and it was so refreshing to be out and about doing an activity. i couldn't see a whole lot and my depth perception was pretty off, but it was still so much fun.

a great kick-off to brandon's birthday celebration!

looking forward to another snow adventure to mt hood. i never can get enough snow :)

here are some pics from our snowshoeing outing:

Brandon. returning to the car after our 4 mile hike

Love my husband! Such a fun time in the snow

Brandon and his brother, Andrew

Brandon and Trillium Lake (the vast white expanse)

Hanging out with my "twin" cousin Lindsay :)

My in-laws and cousin

Enjoyed a beautiful day on the mountain!

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  1. looks like you all had a great time - Brian and I were bummed to miss it...