Friday, September 7, 2012

labor day weekend

After working a six night stretch at work, Brandon and I headed up to Bellevue Friday afternoon. I got off work Friday morning and first went to breakfast with some co-workers. After quite a few busy nights in the ER, we celebrated being done for a week with delicious mimosas and yummy food at one of our fav spots, kenny & zuke's in downtown pdx.

I was pretty exhausted by the time I picked Brandon up from school. Fortunately I didn't have to drive...that would not have worked so well :) I slept the entire way while Brandon listened to his new favorite album (lecrae's new release, gravity...check it out). We arrived in Bellevue around 3pm. I barely remember transferring from the car to the couch. We celebrated our momma Teng's birthday that evening with the fam bam at Joey's Bellevue. It was fun to be with the entire family and share fun memories together.

Saturday morning I met up with two of my best friends, Heidi and Lindsey. We had coffee at Zoka's in downtown Kirkland (my old stompin' grounds). It was fun to catch up with them and feel like we were right back where we left off. The weather was perfect - sunny & 75 degrees. That afternoon we attended Liz & Dex's wedding in Seattle, WA. It was fun to see old friends and college buddies. It was a fun time to be had by all - great food, great company, and ofcourse lots of dancing. We also got to meet up with the 1 month old newlyweds, Mark & Natalie.

Sunday our dear friends Jon, Christine, little Sam, Andrew, Jenna, and Big Sam joined us in Seattle for a fun day of adventure. All the guys are in med school together while all the ladies are RNs. We have so much in common. We met up with some other med school friends (the Jones) at Red Robin to enjoy some tasty burgers and fries. We then headed to the ferries to catch a ferry over to Bainbridge Island. We explored the island, walked along a trail, picked blackberries from bushes, laughed, Jon and Christine acted out the "I'm flying Jack" scene from the Titanic, took lots of pics, ate ice cream, and enjoyed great conversation. Before we headed back to Bellevue we explored Pike Place Market for a bit. Phew. What a day! It was so fun, but pretty exhausting. We were all ready for food and a long nap :) Susan threw together an amazing BBQ and birthday celebration for Jenna. We had yummy food and cake. We then capped the night off with a kinect dance game in the family room. It was pretty entertaining. Little Sam enjoyed it too!

We headed back to Portland Monday afternoon after grabbing a bite to eat with the fam. Overall, we had such a blast with family and friends. Brandon and I are so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family that we can do life with.

I'm headed back to work for the next 6 nights. Not ready to go back...but I can't complain much I just enjoyed a week off :) I love having a whole week off at a time, but it's always rough the first night back.

Here are some pics from the weekend -

Christine, Catherine, Jenna
on ferry to Bainbridge Is.

Sam & Andrew

Teng Family celebrating Susan's birthday

Me & My Hubs

Jon & Little Sam

Headed to Liz & Dex's wedding

Heidi, Catherine, Lindsey
College Roomies

Med school buddies
the 4 MDs to be
the 3 RNs (1 missing in this pic)
the 1 RN/MD to be :)

Next week I will be at my year in the ER. Crazy how time flies...

Until next time, enjoy this amazing weather and weekend (for those of you that have it off) ...

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