Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dinner & DIY: Soy candles

Brandon and I went over to Andrew & Jenna's apartment last night for some dinner on the rooftop. We had a yummy dinner on their apartment's rooftop. There were quite a few cozy sitting areas for hanging out, having a meal, or sitting around a fire pit. The weather was perfect for an outdoor meal, however it did get a little chilly after the sun disappeared behind some buildings. 

view on the rooftop
our yummy dinner
After dinner, Brandon and Andrew had to go to lab to do some studying for the test that they have on Monday, so Jenna and I decided to do a little crafting while our hubbies were studying away. 

Jenna had supplies to make soy candles and we had been wanting to make candles for fall so we decided to try it out. They turned out great! It was fun experimenting with different scents and colors (we tried food coloring and that definitely didn't turn out so well...haha). It was pretty simple to make. 

All you need is soy candle wax, scents (be creative), double boiler (or a big pot with a small pot placed inside), wicks, candle holder (we used mason jars which turned out really cute), something to hold your wick in place during the cooling process, and decoration material (fabric for the cover, labels, markers, stamps, etc.). 

soy candle cooling -- we used skewers to hold wick in place

Let the decorating begin
We made our own labels
Finished candles
We were very pleased with how they turned out

We had fun creating and crafting together. Stay tuned for more Jenna & Catherine creations :)

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