Monday, August 29, 2011

Job Hunting

It's been a little over a month since I started the hunt for a nursing job in the Portland area. Although it has been discouraging and disheartening at times, God has used this time to draw me closer to Him and bring about a deeper reliance and trust in Him. It is so easy for me to lose focus and become frustrated at all the loop holes I have to jump through to get into a hospital nursing job, but at the same time I am encouraged in the Lord because I know He has the perfect job for me which He will reveal in His perfect timing. He has never failed me once. God has always provided and I know He will always continue to provide. 

The lesson in it for me is to not try and take things into my own hands, but let go and let God. Ofcourse, I continue to apply to jobs, interview for jobs, etc. But my focus has changed from looking on the outward circumstances to looking above on what God is doing and how He can use me during this time of not working. Because I am not working right now, I can be home and do fun projects around the house, get all the house cleaning done, cook, bake, create -- all things that I love to do but don't have as much time for when working a job. 

I have found great encouragement and comfort in reading Isaiah 40-41 which speaks into my current situation. No matter what difficulties or trials I am facing today, God's Word remains true -- Be comforted, do not fear. Take your eyes off yourself and your circumstances and focus on Him, your great and incomparable God, your Redeemer and Present help in time of need.

I am confident that God is saving the perfect job for me. I am excited to see what He has in store for me down the road. At this point, I am hoping to work either at OHSU or Doernbecher but have also started applying at Legacy. I have about 8 applications in that are under review - please continue to pray for God's direction in my life and patience :)

Isaiah 40: 8 -- "The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God stands forever."

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  1. It has been amazing to watch you grow in your faith over the last month! Your heart is right where it needs to be! Continuing to pray...